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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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. now at 11:00, bomb threats called in to three local jewish day schools. tonight a group of jewish americans speaks out against a rash of anti-semitism and islamaphobia. investigators sorting through debris after a fiery
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damaging two houses just after takeoff. and federal workers wasting time and your money surfing the web for porn. the i-team uncovers just how often it's happening. more reports of bomb threats tonight at jewish schools and community centers around the country. >> there were nearly two dozen total today. part of a rash of vandalism and hoaxes as three calls came into schools in rockville, fairfax, and annapolis. >> virginia senator tim kaine addressed those threats at a conference in d.c. tonight. news4's shomari stone is at the washington convention center with the story. >> reporter: good evening. senator tim kaine received a standing ovation. this is the largest group of american jews to be together since donald trump took
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tell me that they are disappointed by the bomb threats throughout the nation and three in our area. >> we also are called as people of values, people of faith, to speak out against anti-semitism. >> reporter: tonight senator tim kaine speaks out against recent anti-semitic incidents in the nation at the j street gala in northwest d.c. >> we cannot allow that to go unchallenged. [ applause ] as people who care deeply about our faith, we have to speak out against the diminution and faiths of others. >> reporter: j street was founded in 2008 to give a political voice to pro-israel americans who want a two-state solution for peace between israel and palestine. the gala comes within hours of three jewish schools in the d.c. area and about 20 other schools and community centers in several states receiving bomb threat calls. there have been at least 90 ot
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months. >> bigotry and xenophobia and hatred and fear and anti-semitism and islamaphobia are all connected. that's what we should be fighting now. we should fight for values of equality. >> i think that people in the united states are more often than not isolated within their own community or group and don't have a chance to interact with others. >> reporter: today the trump administration condemned the hateful acts. >> no one in america should feel afraid to follow the religion of their choosing freely and openly. >> reporter: no explosives were found, and no one was injured with the bomb threats. live in d.c., news4. >> reporter: at the live desk, breaking news outside of los angeles. at least 40 moments have been evacuate -- 40 homes have been evacuated after a small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood and scattered debris all over the area. >> reporter: it looks like now that the smoke's
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possibly the house next door might be impacted, as well. >> reporter: the main house is completely incinerated. a burning shell that's sending a huge plume of smoke shooting into the sky. five people were on board the cessna when it took off from riverside municipal airport a half mile away. neighbors say they saw it turn, then drop straight into the home. the impact was tremendous. witnesses say it felt like an earthquake. first responders did pull two people out of a second house, but not the main one that was destroyed in the crash. we just got a major update on this in the last ten minutes. investigators are now saying there were five people on board the plane, two adults and three teenagers who were coming back from a cheerleading conference at disneyland. apparently one of the teenage girls was ejected from the plane. she survive d. four others died, and they're looking for the debris for up to three to five others who may have been on the ground when the
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plane hit. we'll update you with any information we find. chris lawrence, back to you. >> awful ordeal. thank you. new tonight, the senate has confirmed president trump's pick for commerce secretary. wilbur ross is a billionaire investor. he says he'll get right to work on one of the president's top priorities -- rewriting nafta, the north american free trade agreement. the senate confirmed ross by a vote of 72-27. president trump is now less than 24 hours from his first address to a joint session of congress. the president's advisers say he will use the speech to map out plans for replacing the foor affordable care act, infrastructure spending, and other issues. aides said he was still tinkering with the speech tonight. we got a small preview of the president's agenda today when he released his first budget proposal. it includes a $54 billion increase in defense spending and cuts to agencies like the epa and the state department.
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address to congress continues tomorrow morning. matt lauer will have an exclusive interview on the "today" show with speaker paul ryan live from capitol hill. and tomorrow night, you can watch the president's address live on nbc right after "the voice." the speech begins at 9:00. we'll have live coverage on news4 at 11:00. right now, fairfax county police are searching for clues after a body was found in a trail in centreville. chopper 4 above the dark scene along pamela drive near cub run stream valley road. now someone found the body just before 6:00 tonight. no word if the victim is a man or a woman. police have not released any details about how the victim died. new clues in the disappearance of a local teenager. surveillance video shows 18-year-old angelica bahraona reeve is leaving work in gaithersburg. there's reports she's been with family in another
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montgomery county police haven't been able to confirm that. until they can, they still consider her a missing person. revis' family in maryland fears for her safety because her 15-year-old cousin was recently murdered. several gang members are charged in the case. prosecutors are trying to determine tonight if a woman's mental health history played a part in the killing of her teenage son. angelica chase -- angelique chase is being held without bond for the killing of her son, christopher perry, last week. we learned that she has a history of mental illness and has been prescribed numerous medications. >> serious mental health illness. suffering -- the mother was suffering. and we believe that, you know, now we'll will have to investigate and see how this contributed to this crime. >> police tell us it began with an argument between mother and son that chase left the room to get a gun, then shot her son in the chest. a student showed up at
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d.c. today with a loaded gun. he didn't make it past security at the school. the 16-year-old was stopped at a safety checkpoint on campus. police haven't released his name. the school sent a letter to parents asking them to talk to their children about what happened. currently we're at 50 degrees. we're not going to cool too much overnight. tomorrow morning, not going to be as chilly as it was this morning. look at your morning planner. by 6:00 a.m., 46 degrees. maybe a light jacket. as we make our way throughout the day, long sleeves especially for the kids will be just fine getting on the school bus. if you are in southern maryland, i'm seeing a chance for sprinkles and light showers for the morning hours. for most of us, it's a complete dry start. tuesday, 49 degrees. warming up, by 10:00 a.m., 55 degrees. 55, that was our high
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the district. over ten degrees warmer tomorrow. there are changes for later in the day. i'm tracking the potential for severe weather on wednesday. the latest outlook and timing coming up at 11:18. >> see you then. thanks. a local wife and mother is about to be reunited with her family for the first time in nearly a year. that's how long she's been a political prisoner more than 4,000 miles away. news4's darcy spencer spoke to the family. the long wait down to just a couple of more days. >> reporter: these are photos of phanta jawara released from a prison in west gambia after nearly a year. her husband surprised her with a visit after she was granted bail. >> she's going to be with me. she start saying my name -- yay, she kept saying it. >> reporter: jawara's visit to her home country last april turned into a nightmare when she was arrd
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anti-government demonstration in order -- and ordered to spend three years in prison. >> it was totally inhumane. and the conditions cannot be exaggerated how hoernl thrrible were. >> reporter: she's free now and will finally return home to frederick on a flight this thursday. relatives say it was the ouster of gambia's president that paved the way to her freedom. >> had he won the election in last december, i really think that not only fanta would have stayed in prison for three years, but god knows what could happen within those three years. >> reporter: loved ones say she was a political prisoner. they maintain her innocence. her husband's grandfather was the president of gambia at one time. her uncle was the leader of the opposition party. and during her time in jail, one of her daughters became a teenager, the other became an adult. what are you looking forward most to having your mom back?
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shopping. yeah. spending time together. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. next at 11:00, the news4 i-team investigates federal workers surfing for porn on the job. >> sometimes you lose track of who you are and where you are. and it's not just one agency. what the i-team uncovered about the waste happening on your dime. plus, a surprising brush with death for one of the personal trainers from "the biggest loser." how bob harper survived a hear attack dut ri
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federal employees are known for working long hours and facing big to-do lists, and many do their jobs extremely well. >> but the i-team reveals a bad apple could be in the next cubicle. in a fast-growing number of cases, they're on the clock but not exactly on the job. >> reporter: behind your computer at the office, no one over your shoulder. what's okay to click and what's not? what is your employer is the taxpayer? like samuel caplan, inside his office at this federal facility in chantilly. caplan said he used his work computer to open emails from his private account. do you regret doing that? >> of course. of course. it was -- the best way i can describe it is ridiculous for me to do that. >> reporter: included in those emails, sexually explicit images. he admits some were even of children. >> that
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that's what it is. it's irrational. >> reporter: he later pled goilt guilty to possession of child porn and served three years prison time. the i-team found that although such extreme cases were rare, we should investigate how often some federal workers kill time on the job looking at adult pornography. using the freedom of information act, we sought records from 12 major federal agencies. some of the largest government employers in d.c. and nationwide, asking only for their most egregious cases. cases in which internal investigators were called in or in which the employee admitted hours of porn viewing a day. and we found more than 100 cases. >> classified as fraud, waste, and abuse. >> reporter: agencies do police their computer networks for this, as craig olmer, an investigator with the environment at protection agency inspector general. at least seven epa employees admitted to on-the-job porn
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one worker admitted to viewing porn two to six hours a day for years. the feds found 20 illicit images on his laptop. two to six hours a day? >> two to six hours a day using their computer system. >> reporter: for pornography? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: one work at the federal railroad administration headquarters in d.c. searched for porn 252 horse -- 252 hours year. at the justice department which prosecutes illegal pornography and time fraud by government workers, the i-team found nearly two dozen cases in just the past few years. >> what does that say to the person in the next cubicle? >> reporter: congressman mark meadows chairs the subcommittee that oversees the federal work force and says the cases are unacceptable. >> that's the thing that your work has shown is that this is not just an isolated incident at one particular egagency. we're starting to find it across almost every agency. >> reporter: he said ther
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will grow until federal agencies pass a sweeping zero tolerance policy. one offense and you're gone. so every agency the i-team surveyed says its computer use is against agency rules and would result in discipline. several said penalties vary and could produce as little as a reprimand. >> you could go from one agency to another. and some do a better job of policing it. >> reporter: the congressman just introduced new law to make it illegal to search porn on the job in government offices. >> sometimes you look track of who you are and where you are. and what's important and what's not important. >> reporter: samuel caplan says he should have known better. that chantilly office in which he worked and was caught, he was on the job at a virginia office of the fbi. showing some bad apples think they'll never fall. news4 i-team. >> how did the feds crack some cases? the i-team posted an interactive feature in our nbcwashington p app.
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don't matter. we posted this on facebook. a lot of you interested in it. one of the trainers from nbc's "biggest loser" is recovering now from a serious heart attack. >> bob haerper was work -- harper was working out in a new york gym two weeks ago when he collapsed. a doctor who was nearby performed cpr and used a defibrillator to save his life. harper told tmz he woke up two days later in the hospital and remained there for another six days. the 51-year-old fitness and diet fanatic suggested his heart attack could be due to genetics since his mother died from a heart attack. >> genetics can be very powerful. even if you do all the right things. if you have the bad genes, you can have a heart attack. >> the stats are a sobering reminder to all of us. two-thirds of men who suffer heart attacks, the first symptom is the heart attack itself or sudden death. doctors say it's a wake-up call for all of us to
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watch for other symptoms. pretty shocking. >> absolutely. feeling more like february. it was -- seems warmer tonight than it did earlier today. >> it's kind of comfortable out there. heading in this evening, we're around 50 now. tomorrow, we're going to be in the 60s. mid to upper 60s. then, get this, on wednesday, near record warmth in the forecast. highs near 80 degrees as we begin march. the weather headlines, all about more springlike forecast on these headlines. first off, we're the warmest february on record. not only here in washington but at bwi, marshall, and dulles, as well. tomorrow, we're a good ten degrees warmer than today. have the umbrella handy, especially if you're going to be out late. scattered showers will impact the area. on wednesday, tracking some rain and thunderstorms likely. kind of similar to what you experienced saturday as theld
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that front on saturday did touch off an ef1 tornado in charles county at about 3:15 in the afternoon. i was here tracking it. i want to show you the rain chances tomorrow. most of the day completely dry. starting off at 9:00 a.m., notice we start with sunshine. partly sunny. by lunchtime, mostly cloudy. during the evening hours, scattered showers around. i think future weath is anemic on the rain chances later in the day tomorrow. i think there's a 40% chance that you're dealing with late-day rain. look at wednesday. likely going to be a weather alert day. we could have rain around during the morning hours, slowing the commute. maybe even pockets of heavier rain north of town. then during the afternoon, a cold front moves through from west to east. 3:00, back around the i-81 corridor. during the evening rush, it's moving through the d.c. metro area. notice the bright colors. the yellows and oranges, that's the potential for heavy rain, lots of lightning, damaging winds, maybe hail, as well. the front clears overnight. and then
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chilly on friday. we could have flurries, maybe sprinkles around on friday. right now as far as the potential for severe thunderstorms later on wednesday, this is mainly between about 3:00 and 7:00 president obama -- the biggest concern is going -- 7:00 p.m. the biggest concern is going to be strong, damaging winds followed by hail. can't rule out an isolated tornado. going to be fast moving, but we could see pockets of heavy rain. i'm not too concerned about flooding. let's talk about tomorrow. overwhelm, tomorrow is not -- overall, tomorrow is not looking bad. by lunchtime, 63. a high of 68. coming home, we will be tracking showers. thursday, around 50 during the afternoon. breezy. friday, we're in the mid 40s. we continue to cool. maybe a few flurries around friday morning and sprinkles throughout the day. otherwise, plenty of clouds. to the weekend, it's cold on saturday. then back in the low 50s on
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sunday. why not? the end of march, not may. >> why should this be any different from last week? >> thanks. coming up, the caps going on in all for the cup. making a move that is sure to hake up the league.s
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talking trade tonight. >> the capitals adding a defenseman. so fans can prepare to see a new face on the ice tomorrow. defenseman kevin chatten kirk traded from st. louis. the new cap could be in the lineup against the rangers. in
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cap first round pick in 2017. the traditional pick along with him. he's played in 61 games this season for the blues with 11 goals and 31 assists. the best team in hockey going all in for the cup this season. the last time the virginia and north carolina men's basketball teams faced each other, it was a blowout. the tar heels won by 24. what a difference nine days make. freshman guard kyle guy said the last match-up fueled their fire with the best team in the acc. the crew ready to cheer the roof off. tonight bent's 23rd ranked cavs teague on the fifth ranked tar heels. the guy from virginia knocking down the three. cavs take a 10-point lead. later, unc within seven. not feeling any pressure. cua
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not a happy fan. then guy and the pass back to guy for the finish. a game-high 17 points for him. his man bun brigade loving it. 23rd ranked virginia beat fifth ranked north carolina 53-43. to high school hoops. wcat eagles. second quarter panthers keeping it close. aaron thompson had two of 15. gonzaga leads 26-15. the guard listed at 5'8" showing off pass moves. driving to the hoop. a couple of minutes later he outdoes the highlight from the left to route en route leading 20 points. gonzaga, your wcac boys clip with 68-55 win over paul vi, the coach proud of his seniors. >> they've been the leaders of the group for four years now. these guys
11:28 pm
blood, heart, southwesweat and all over the court and locker room. being leaders and representatives of the school. as our motto has been for others, it's a group of men for others. they're going to do a lot of successful things when they move from gonzaga. and taking in the ladies final. paul vi and st. john's college high school. third water, watch sydney wood drive. gets the hoop and will fall. st. john's led into the fourth. shepherd puts on the move, showing off the hot hand here from outside. 4-3 in the second half. cadets win 58-52. they are your wcac champions. you know, congratulations to all the teams for making it. how cool that you get to celebrate. >> fun seeing a
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that does it for us. the "tonight show's" back. >> aaron paul from "breaking bad." >> and more next. >> see you tomorrow. thanks for joining us.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul, keri russell,


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